Leo Segedin

Leopold Segedin

b. 1927, Chicago, IL

Leopold Segedin was born in Chicago in 1927, received his BFA (1948) and MFA (1950) from the University of Illinois. He has taught at the University of Illinois (assistantship, 1948-50), U.S. Army Engineers (drafting, 1952-54) and at Northeastern Illinois University (1955-87). He has also taught at the Horwich JCC and the Evanston Art Center. He is Art Professor Emeritus at Northeastern Illinois University. He retired in 1987 after teaching there for 32 years.

Segedin has been an exhibiting artist since 1947. His works have been shown at such museums as the Art Institute of Chicago (including the 60th Annual National Exhibition) the Corcoran Art Gallery in Washington, D.C. and the Milwaukee Art Institute. He has had 17 one-man shows and has won awards at several museums including the Art Institute. Since retiring, in 1994, he has had a major exhibition in the Renaissance Court of the Chicago Cultural Center called ‘I Remember’, a retrospective of paintings on Chicago themes done since 1947; he has exhibited with a group called the '5' at the Belzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture, the Loyola University Art Gallery, the Ukranian Institute of Fine Art and the Suburban Fine Art Center in Highland Park. In 2010, Segedin was featured in a major retrospective at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago.

Segedin has said, "I’ve always felt that my own paintings should speak for themselves. Words can point to what you should look at and create a context for what you see, but I don’t think that anyone can really communicate in words what works of art communicate any more than they can create in words the taste of a good wine. The experiences of – say – a painted, translucent red – of delicate lines and bold shapes – of dramatic, metaphoric images – are like – well – the tang of garlic in a good, kosher hot dog – if we can imagine such experiences as being more serious – more profound – than pleasurable. They have to be 'tasted’ to be known."

(from www.LeopoldSegedin.com)

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